Our Vision

To create a platform to preserve and promote Dharmic values and pride

Our Mission

To bring together our youth in celebration, exploration and connection with each other through activities and events

To support social, artistic, charitable, cultural, literary and educational programs for diverse age groups

To curate experiences and opportunities to understand and share our rich culture and heritage

Our Story

Every start-up has a story!  Tales of passions and dreams, beginnings and hopes, people and aspirations, struggles and successes, skills and innovation!  We have our own story behind creating Namaste Global, a platform designed to transform “American Based Confused Desis” into “American Based Confident Desis”.


There is now the third generation of young Hindu, Jain, Sikh Americans of various ages who are connected to their roots mostly through their grandparents and through major festivals.  This group of young people and their parents value exploring their true heritage in a contemporary context.  They want to have a wholesome identity and meaningful connections with like-minded people. 


We wanted to support that quest by creating a modern, engaging, versatile and authentic platform so the exploration journey becomes easy, comprehensive, accessible, and impactful.  We wanted to create opportunities for our youth to do so together and individually.  We are just getting started.  Namaste Global is agile and accommodating.  Please give us your blessings and your feedback.  Let’s deliver together!

Upcoming events

  • No upcoming events

Charity Projects

“If your plan is for one-year plant rice.  If your plan is for ten years, plant trees.  If your plan is for 100 years, educate children.” - Confucius

Thank you for being on this page in support of our not-for-profit charitable endeavor Namaste Heritage School (NHS) where we aim to cultivate Dharmic values and pride in the next generation of children.   We humbly try to reconnect them to their heritage through stories from Panchatantra and Amar Chitra Katha, imparting knowledge and practices of Yoga, Mantra, Meditation, and other age-appropriate activities such as creative arts and crafts, events and celebrations, field trips, and speaker series.  

Namaste Global also supports local charities that uplift the community.


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